The stone

the builders rejected

has become the capstone.

( the most important)

  Psalm 118 v 22



It's hard

the wounds are deep

the pain almost unbearable

the betrayal

the abondonment great

   I have learnt

to endure

my gains through perseverance

as I pray  believing in God

trusting in Him

I have found

He is faithful.

A Christian Perspective

      I have written this site from a Christian Perspective. because as a Christian survivor of child sexual abuse

from the start of my recovery I trusted Jesus Christ to make me whole.

I believe Jesus Christ is the answer.  When I studied sociology at university I prayed for insight and evidence  as in faith I wrote my essays from a Christian perspective

for my mostly Marxist Lecturers and Tutors.


  • God is the creator of the universe  He is loving and kind  whilst judging sin (greed, hate, rebellion, immorality, abuse)
  •          lets put it this way  surely sexual perpetrators have forced God's hand to judge such an evil (in His time)
  • God is the God of salvation.
  •            the God of redemption.  He literally saved me from a self destructive path at 16.
  • Salvation comes by an act of faith - believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.   Being born again.
  • A key verse I felt God showed me is Revelation 3 verse 23   Yes  I opened up my heart to Jesus Christ. 
  •     His light shone into the dark cave in my heart that contained the traumatised memories of csa.
  • A Christian friend, a survivor of  csa, suggested that  recovery from csa is part of sanctification   I agree.

My prayer is that these pages may be of assistance to you.


                           Whilst I have prayed for understanding and  God's intervention and scriptural insight

My journey of recovery has been in an interdisciplinary context.

   I have seen psychologists, Councellors, sexual assault counsellors, trauma release counsellor.

       and attended 4 Group Programmes ( two  twice)

my GP, my Pastor, 

for muscular skeletal trauma release -  physiotherapy and remedial massage (acredited)

I needed a trauma informed  Optometrist and Dentist.

        I have been a part of on line survivor forums

        and used Google searches extensivly.

more recently I attended seminars with  psychologists and counsellors

and a most interesting university short course on Conscousness  from a neuro psyiological perspective

            the lecturer having a PH D in Philosophy my comments from a Christian Perspective spiced it up.

            my examples as a survivor of early childhood sexual trauma illustrating many of the processes discussed.

     I have  mentioned this to emphasise I have not written these pages lightly. but carefully 

I have applied the scriptural principles in my own recovery

the purpose in writing these pages is to pass on  transferable concepts

which recogising the individual paths of recovery of each survivor.

       Every Christian is encouraged to

"work out your own salvation.."

questions and comments may be emailed to me at


  Trigger Warning

Survivors of csa

in religous institutions

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If this happens

please do not proceed

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